The Kiai Garden Kit (all 2 inch lumber, corners sold separately)

The Kiai Garden Kit (all 2 inch lumber, corners sold separately)

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The restoration juniper lumber we use is rough cut to actual dimensions, meaning The Kiai Garden Bed uses 2 inch lumber on all four sides. Strong, reliable, and durable the Kiai Raised Garden Bed Kit is the go to option for serious gardeners (and for those who prefer a stronger bed frame to account for children and pets). This is the kit to choose if you're planning to stack kits two or more high to create a taller bed that will maintain its strength. Screws and driver included.

The Clackamas Corners shown in the product image are sold separately.

The Kiai Garden kit is named after my bright, funny, and lovely wife...whose hard work and drive in her own career has helped make this business possible. She's a great supporter of creativity and doing the hard work to accomplish efforts that make one happy and well. Thanks!

Please note: Our board length cut tolerance is to within a 1/4 inch on length. However, we typically cut all 48 inch boards short by 0.5 inches to make them 47.25 to 47.5 inches in length. We do this to eliminate the risk of shipping over-size packages (anything over 48") that drive shipping costs up dramatically. 

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