Clackamas Corners (Set of 4 Raised Bed Corners)

Clackamas Corners (Set of 4 Raised Bed Corners)


Clackamas corners for simple raised garden bed construction are custom-made for us by a metal-working genius operating in a one-man shop at the base of Mt Hood. The corners are made from cast off metal plates and then powder-coated (using reclaimed and recycled powder) in a black-deep green color. Each set of 4 corners comes with 8 screws and a specialty driver bit.

At 8 inches high and approximately 4.5 inches to a side, Clackamas corners are meant to be installed flush with the top garden bed for our standard 6 inch high beds. Simply sink the bottom 2 inches into the earth for extra strength. If you wish to stack two kits to make a 12" tall bed, Clackamas Corners are designed to set one screw on each side into each stacked board. 

The Juniper lumber we use in our kits is a surprisingly hard wood - for a wood in the soft wood family - and an electric or battery powered drill is highly recommended. These corners are not meant for tool-less installation (yet...a variation is coming soon). If you absolutely want to avoid using the screws, two sets can be used - one on the inside corners  and one on the outside corners to provide a viable option for holding the bed together in some soil conditions. Or try placing the inside set half way down the length of the board with the two edges against the board face.

Clackamas Corners get their name from the wonderful county where they are made, and where we live just a few miles from the center of downtown Portland.

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