The Domini Garden Kit (Combo 1" and 2" Thick Boards)

The Domini Garden Kit (Combo 1" and 2" Thick Boards)

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In the Domini Garden Kit, sturdy 2 inch X 6 inch boards are used to add strength on the short sides. Long sides are 1 inch X 6 inch boards, minimizing weight and creating a balanced proportion. The Domini Garden Kit is a good choice for a truly long-life garden bed expected to last for many years with medium to heavy use. It, and the Kiai Garden Kit, are both well suited for stacking to create a raised bed with taller sides. Screws and driver head included.

The Domini Garden kit is named after our oldest child, who was named after her great-grandmother. They share a lot of common character traits - loyalty, empathy, intelligence, and determination in the face of all odds. While the elder Domini is greatly missed, young Domini gives us all a true optimism for the future of our youth.

Please note: Our board length cut tolerance is to within a 1/4 inch on length. However, we typically cut all 48 inch boards short by 0.5 inches to make them 47.25 to 47.5 inches in length. We do this to eliminate the risk of shipping over-size packages (anything over 48") that drive shipping costs up dramatically.

Finish Style:
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The Domini Garden Kit is our signature style. We join strong yet elegant 1 inch thick walls to sturdy 2 inch thick end pieces, creating an ideal balance between strength and proportion. 

Where did the name come from?

Seth has two daughters (you might see a theme in the names of our kits), and Domini is the oldest. Domini shares the name of her great-grandmother, one of the brightest people and best role models you could hope to meet. 

Other Useful Information:

Our raised bed kits come in two different surface finishes. Rough finish means we do little to no sanding or clean up of wood fibers. Rough finish is as natural as it gets. Our soft-sanded finish kits go through an additional process where all the surfaces of each board are light to medium sanded, and corners may be slightly chamfered. Soft-sanded kits are great for people who want a slightly more refined surface, like a cleaner look over all. 

Note: If you plan on applying a finish or stain to your raised bed, consider choosing the soft-sanded finish style. It will pay for itself in savings on stain and extra sanding time. Rough finish kits are perfectly capable of taking finishes/stains; in fact, they will tend to suck up two to three times the amount of material needed to get a good seal coat when compared to the soft-sanded style.