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Juniper Raised Garden Bed Kits...From Oregon to You


Juniper, Meet Garden. Garden, Welcome A New Friend - Almost Everlasting Raised Garden Bed Kits! 

Beauty. Simplicity. Durability. With Juniper raised garden bed kits from Portland Raised Beds, you get all three...and you support a much larger program that positively impacts local and rural economies, protects jobs, and both conserves and restores biodiversity, native habitat, and water supplies in the High Desert of Oregon. With research demonstrating that natural, untreated Juniper is longer-lasting in outdoor applications than second growth western Red Cedar or Redwood (up to 30 years in many applications, and over 50 years in select circumstances) your purchase of a Juniper Raised Bed kit should give you years of satisfaction without subjecting your garden's plants to harsh or dangerous chemicals. 

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